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Talent construction

At present, 23.21% of the group's employees are professionals of all kinds, and 25.18% are college graduates or above. Among them, 6 are experts who enjoy state government subsidies. According to the company's medium-term and long-term development plan, the company has formulated a scientific talent development strategy, put forward the policy of "technology is the first productive force, innovation is the first driving force, talent is the first creativity", and accelerate the establishment of a platform conducive to talent innovation. Through the establishment and operation of postdoctoral research workstation, academician workstation, enterprise technology center and national testing center, it provides a strong support for talents, especially scientific and technological talents.

The company has always regarded human resources as the first resource for the development of enterprises, and the construction of core talent groups as the strategic core of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Through intensive training, we will strive to build an elite management team, an elite professional and technical team, and an elite team of highly skilled personnel, laying a talent foundation for Tianma's Centennial prosperity.

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